Sunday, September 7, 2008

last year's pagan rituals

Halloween's still a good month-and-a-half away but already stores are bombarding us with plastic witches and discount 5 lb. bags of candy. Not that I don't mind; Halloween's my favorite holiday and who wouldn't mind diving into a plastic sack of "fun-size" Snickers anyways? However, all these preemptive holiday strikes make me worry about what I'm gonna be this year.

I simply adore the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Karen O is my lesbo crush. You want "fierce," Christian Siriano? Here's your damn fierce. I knew I wanted to be Karen but which out of all those deviously delicious Christian Joy outfits did I want to make? I stumbled upon this lil' number and I knew I must have it.

I used my Luella for Target polka-dot dress as the base to build my version of Joy's "money money" dress. Then off to Party City to exchange real currency for wads of fake Lincolns, Benjamins & Washingtons. I diligently stapled/taped all those bills to paper fans I made which were pinned to the Luella dress. Took a week to make but, damn, I love that dress.

Note: I was bending down in the picture so that's why my legs look so odd. Also, please ignore the doofus expression on my face.