Thursday, December 11, 2008

army joey

These are a couple of fake Polaroids I made for my Photography final. Army Joey gettin' the jungle boogie on in 'Nam, I'd say. Recalling Richard Avedon in the second pic, no?

Wearing: authentic Canadian (didn't remember they were involved) WWII helmet borrowed from the bf, Rojas olive sleeveless hoodie dress & paint galore!


deep_in_vogue said...

wow great job, these are really good!

xs said...

those are awesome pics. and it made me smile.

modern antoinette said...

The pictures are really good. I love them!!!


Samantha said...

So, I went to Wikipedia to see if the Canadians were in the war (i'm canadian, and i don't even know that. XD) and instead, I ended up spending three hours researching about world war II.
And I still didn't figure out of Canada was in it. -__-
I mean, apparently they are but still. They didn't do anything news-worthy which is hella boring. /:

Anonymous said...

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