Monday, December 8, 2008

screw the twilight gear...

My, my, how time does fly? I really appreciate the recent comments. They were a nice kick in the butt to get me back on track and remind myself to not let things I embark on collect dust in a corner and die all alone, surrounded by nothing more than its only friends: dust bunnies.

I don't really wear pants that often. Much rather let my legs feel the breeze in a dress. I don't even wear blue jeans, just black and burgundy/violet skinnies. But then I saw these:

Aren't they lovely? The crazy part is that they're only $39! The even funkier part is that you're gonna have to be seen at Hot Topic. I would never, ever, be caught trolling around Hot Topic, sipping on the lemonade from the Mrs. Field's next door, conversing with the pseudo-goths/punks about Twilight. It's in a mall! Real punks don't belong in corporate shopping villages.

But oh, those jeans in their marbled glory! They totally hark the Jil Sander Men's Fall '08 collection with a dash of McQueen Spring '09. As shown:

photos: bryanboy

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Cara said...

OMG, they're identical! But I'd rather die than step foot into hot topic.